Communication is everything. It's your process and your product. It's your biggest problem and your best solution. It's your reputation and your relevancy.  Mediocrity feeds on vagueness and assumption, yet a clear communication plan too often is the one element of strategic development and implementation that’s overlooked or taken for granted.  Poorly planned and executed organizational communication is the most common generator of unrealized strategic potential. You've made tremendous investments in your strategy, make sure that its communicated effectively.

VSC will lead your team through a comprehensive plan to ensure your messages drive and fulfill your organizational goals.

VSC principal Bill Van Slyke has more than 20 years experience in communications, advocacy, media and public relations, crisis management, policy making, marketing and issue campaigning. He started his professional life as a journalist, sparking a career that has spanned a unique blend of experiences and perspectives. 


He served as Deputy Commissioner for Administration and Public Affairs at the New York State Department of Health where he was responsible for agency communications, media  relations, advertising and operations; Press Officer to Governor George E. Pataki where he served as spokesperson for the governor and oversaw media relations, advertising and communications for more than a dozen high profile state agencies; Deputy Commissioner for Public Affairs at the NYS Office of Children and Family Services; and as an aide to members of the NYS Assembly and Senate where he was responsible for various communications activities.


After leaving government, Bill served for many years as Vice President for Communications and Strategy at the Healthcare Association of New York State (HANYS) where he was primarily responsible for developing communication strategies and tactics related to advocacy, member engagement, media relations and marketing.


During his time at HANYS, Bill concurrently served as a Trustee for Columbia Memorial Health, a regional multi-specialty and primary care health system headquartered in Hudson, New York. He has served the last several years as CMH’s Vice President for Patient Experience and External Affairs.